Year Description
2000-Current Fire Response, 20 person hand crews, brush engines, equipment and resources, food service, in response to thousands of wildfire incidents nationwide.
2003 Columbia Space Shuttle Mission, Recovery crews.
2005-2006 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Base camps for first responders and recovery workers for F.E.M.A., 3 separate locations.
2007 Full Scale Military Exercise, Two full service base camps of 150 and 500 occupants for the military in support of full scale disaster exercise.
2008 Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Evacuation Shelter Management at ten separate locations, 50 comfort stations, two base camps of 250 and 500 personnel respectively.
2010 International Base Camp, Full service 150 occupant base camp in remote area of Papua New Guinea for private company.
2012 Hurricane Isaac, 50 Comfort Stations allowing State Agency to issue over $103/9 million in benefits to 263,815 households and 537,613 people through its Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
2013-2015 Northern Alaska, 250 person cold-weather camp for large private entity as part of their emergency response plan.
2013 Remote Area Base Camps, 3 Large Base Camps of populations 800,1010, and 1208 occupants. Included manufacturing over 225 hard sided containerized housing units in strict time frame.
2015 Labor Strikes, 2 base camps - populations 600 and 300 in response to labor disputes.
2016 Emergency Situation, Resources and Management for high level Federal Agency
2016 Flooding, Comfort Stations-Tents, Light Towers, temp. housing, heat, power generation, resource support, fuel supply.
2017 Hurricane Harvey, 200+ separate missions (resources, services, management)
2017 Hurricane Irma, 7 Large Base Camps, ranging from 250-1,500 occupants.
2018 Hurricane Michael, 6 Large Base Camps ranging from 150-2,000 occupants.
2021 Hurricane Ida, 2,000 person full service base camp.
2022 Hurricane Ian, Showers, Laundry, Restroom Trailers with Full Wrap Around Services
2022 Hurricane Ian, Mobile Food Service with full wrap around services at two locations