The GFP Mission

GFP is a premier emergency response solution provider. Services include emergency mobile services, specializing in base camp solutions and emergency management.

GFP can offer Best in Class logistical housing for over 10,000 and meal catering for over 12,000 people daily.

GFP provides on-site mobile restrooms, showers, heating/AC, beds, and laundry services, upon request. The tents come in multiple sizes and can be arranged inside to accommodate sleeping, gathering, and/or meeting spaces.​

GFP’s expertise and resources are expanding to a variety of events including, but not limited to; Outdoor festivals, movie sets, large events, and production staff housing. If you have a need for a self contained “pop up” city, contact GFP first.

GFP is your disaster response team.

Call +1.855.437.9111 now for immediate assistance.

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