Executive Team

Don Pollard
CEO-Founder GFP Response

Ray Keener
Business Development

Jan Hayes
Chief Financial Officer

Paul Asher
Chief Risk Management Officer

Management Team

Mike Denning
VP Logistics Personnel

Jamie Ronco
Payroll and HR Administrator

Ethan Stengel
Rental Logistics Manager

Penny Elson
Finance Director

Kami Chamblin
Director of Mobile Food Services

Mark Lambert
IT and Procurement

Alberto Davila
VP Operations

Jason Stuvland
General Manager of Equipment

Dean Lewis
Portfolio and Acquisition Manager

Protecting What Matters

This GFP Leadership Team is focused on providing the best trained fire and incident response personnel in the industry, so that we may deliver the highest quality and safest performing crews, camps and engines to our Agency partners and private customers.

Duty, Respect, and Integrity are the guiding principles that define who we are and what we believe as an organization.  These core values define how we interact with one another, incident leadership, and adjoining forces.

GFP is your disaster response team. 

Call +1.855.437.9111 now for immediate assistance.