Base Camp Services and Support

GFP’s breadth of service offerings combined with the highly experienced and qualified workers provide a one-stop solution for the public and private sector alike.

Since 2000, GFP has provided Emergency Workforce Housing and Base Camp Services for Government, Utilities, and Private Companies nationwide.

GFP is a full-service provider of temporary structures, site services, and temporary workforce housing solutions. GFP has a proven track record of providing professional base camp services for Government, Utilities, and Private Companies. We take great pride in our work. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Base Camp Facilities

  • High Winds Common Area Tents
  • Full Service Catering Operation
  • Shower and Restroom Trailers
  • On-Site Laundry Service
  • First-Aid and HQ Office Quarters


  • State-of-the-Art Power Generators
  • LED Light Towers
  • Water Supply and Services
  • Site Evaluation, Logistics & Project Management

Base Camp Support

  • Reliable Transportation & Construction Operations
  • Safety Plan, Medical Plan, Evacuation Plan
  • On-Site Base Camp Management
  • Full Quality Assurance Control Plan and Checklists
  • Electrical and Plumbing Experts
  • Government and Industry Compliance
  • National Asset Locations & Partners
  • Site Engineering and Layout Services


  • All employees are background checked and e-verified
  • Over 300 employees are Incident Command System Trained and OSHA Certified
  • Available 24.7.365 for nationwide deployment within hours
  • Annual required safety training and drug testing
  • Equal-Opportunity Employer

A Proven Emergency Base Camp Support Provider with Excellent Performance History

The entire IMT wishes to compliment the superior job performance of GFP, their staff, and leadership. If we were going to hand pick a base camp provider GFP + this particular team would be it! Thank you!!!

– Florida IMT, 2017 Hurricane Irma Base Camps

Base Camp Photos

Watch A GFP Base Camp Build

1,000 Person Base Camp

“Your staff did a tremendous job and should be commended. Just wanted to extend my gratitude and give appreciation to GFP’s hard work during the time we were there.”

– Logistics Chief, Maryland Incident Management Team

Call for Immediate Assistance

(855) GFP-9111